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Apparition’s Shrine of Jacarei- São Paulo- Brasil
JACAREI, 7th MAY, 2011
“Marcos, my beloved child. I come today to give you
a great Grace of My Heart. I come to give to My children a
great Blessing and a great gift of My Love, to help them in
their sorrows and difficulties and also to defend them from all
evil. This gift is My MEDAL, THE MEDAL OF MY
HEART, look well what I will show you now and save it in your heart.”
(Seer Marcos Tadeu) I've seen arise in the chest of Saint Joseph His Loving Heart, burning
with Love,like a sun shining with light, then arose around Saint Joseph the following words in golden
letters and bright. LOVING HEART OF SAINT JOSEPH . Under the cloud the rested the Saint Joseph
feet appeared the today's date. MAY 7TH 2011. Around the head of Saint Joseph also had many
flushes, many light rays. The Oval picture turned and I saw the reverse two lilies that rose on the both
sides of the Medal to the top, underneath the words bright: PRAY FOR US AND AID THE PEACE TO
THE WORD. At the center was a cross, more or less in the middle of this cross was the Sacred Heart
of Jesus crowned with thorns, lower down on the right the Immaculate Heart of Mary, sorrounded by
thorns and most left the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph, sorrounded by flames of Love, and also with
throns, but not around him, but nailed it, spiked it. Saint Joseph then told me:
(SAINT JOSEPH): “Child, for many centuries I have kept this great Grace, this revelation of
My Medal to the world, to give It and to reveal It to you in this time. This Grace no one received or
will receive in the world besides you. This is due to the great Love that I have for you Marcos, the
most ardent and dedicated of My sons, and also due the great Love that I have to this Place, which is so
dear to My Heart and to the Lord. This Blessed and Elected Place by our Sacred United Hearts, is
where We poured the riches of Our Love and where we express the greatest mercy of Our United Heart
inseparably in Love, in Pain and in Glory. So, order to mint Medal, as the model you saw, so that
everyone lead on the neck, and receive Great Graces of My Heart.. It will be a very powerful sign of
my Love among my childrens and will attract on the the blessings of the Lord. Also says to My
children that I promise them, that:
1. Those who wear My Medal with confidence, will be kept by Me at all his life moment's and
specially in the dangers, will be always covered with My mantle.
2. Will not be flagellate by the spiritual poverty, even by the temporal.
3. Will not miss to them the aid and the necessary ways to a dignified life, in other words, will not miss
to them the work and charitable help to have a dignified life.
4. Will not be won by the temptations of the devil those one that use My Medal and pray My Holy
Hour on sundays. I will dimish on them the influence of Satan, I will save their homes, goods, bodies
and souls of any satanic domination.
5. Will be blessed in their work and deeds
6. Will be relieved and comforted by Me in their sickness and sufferings
7. Many will be miraculously healed to the Greater Glory of God and Triumph of Our United Hearts.
8. Will not know the eternal flames those one that uses My Medal with love
9. Will not die in mortal sin, those who use My Medal and have a true devotion to My Heart
10. Their families will be helped by Me in their needs and will be covered by My Mantle.
11. The young people who wear My Medal with love following my examples and virtues will not fall
on into sin, and if have fallen will be back, to the virtue's path.
The young people pure and chaste will keep themselves pure, and will receive from Me all ways, the
Strenght and Grace to persevere until the end, in the path of Chastity and Holiness.
12. This Medal will make arouse in many souls the Holy desire to consecrate themselves to Me, and to
devote themselves to a life of prayer, contemplation and dedication to God through My Heart.
13. Will decresase on the souls that wear My Medal until make disappears altogether the inordinate
love of themselves, the world and the creatures, and will make grow ever more in them the Divine and
Heavenly Love, and the taste to the things of God and the love of virtues.
14. Will be enlightened about the Redemption's Mysteries and about how much My sufferings united
with those of Jesus and Mary collaborated on the work of the human redemption. Will be informed
about My Virtues, Merits and gifts that I received from the Holy Trinity, and the immense Love that It
had and has to Me.
15. Will be heard by Me in all their prayers, and everything that they ask Me I will grant them (of
course, unless it is contrary the God's will)
16. Those dying, will comforted by Me in the last moments of their life on earth, will
not be tormented by demons in their agony, and will receive My visit and will have My paternal
embrace, softly expiring in My arms.
17. The parents will receive continued assistance in his difficulties, and will have the necessary lights
to educate well their children in the Holy Love of God.
18. Slowly will return the Peace to the families and towns where My Medal is known, loved and
propagated. Peace and Harmony will reign where I is loved and and revered through It. Wars will be
held, removed or will have their duration diminished, the violence will disappear.
19. The stony hearts in sin will be touched by Grace and will return to the bosom of the Holy Catholic
faith, and will walk on the sanctity's path.
20. Those who wear My Medal will receive the Grace of to be taken by Me directly to Heaven after the
death and will be put close to My throne in Heaven where will know My mysteries and secrets and will
joy an indescribable happiness on My side forever.”
(This Medal will soon be minted by the seer Marcos Tadeu and will be available to everyone that love
the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph)
(MARCOS): And finally Saint Joseph said that through this Medal, the true devotion to Him,
and to His Heart will quickly spread all over the world, so through this Medal It will be placed at an
honor site from where It was taken along the centuries, until almost to be forgotten by the christian
people, by the catholic people. Saint Joseph will shine with a glory with which He never shone before,
thanks to this Medal. Saint Joseph also said that this Medal was revealed Here in this Place, due the
immense Love that He has for this Place, which is more dear and darling to His Heart than all the
world, and that this Medal will rush and much, the triumph of His Heart, of Our Lady, the triumph of
God in the souls, families and nations. And therefore, I had a miss ion of to order the minting of this
Medal as soon as possible, and make It accessible to all souls, all His children as fast as I can.
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