quinta-feira, 24 de novembro de 2011

Imposition Prayer of Medal of Saint Joseph and Consecration to the Loving Heart of Saint Joseph, through it, made by the seer Marcos Tadeu on 20/11/2011 at the Apparitions Shrine's of Jacareí.

"Oh Loving Heart of St. Joseph, through your Heart Medal, Iconsecrate myself today and always completely at yours Loving Heart..
Throughout your medal, I promise to live as your own son every day of my life, obeying the commandments of God, living as true Catholic son of the Lord, of Most Holy Virgin Mary, yours and do make your Hourof Prayer, every Sunday with love, loyalty and propagate your HeartMedal to all souls as I can throughout my life.
Throughout your Medal, oh St. Joseph, oh my Loving Father, I beg you, release me from all evil curses, plagues, accidents, violence, crime, strife and all sorts of ailments of the body that may happen to me.

Through your Heart Medal, release me also from all diabolicalobsession, possession of all evil and all interference of Satan in mylife, my family, my work and in all places where I have to go.
Release me also through your Medal of all bad people, false, slanderous, and envious of my thirsty unhappiness.Release me,mainly through your Medal of every sin that can throw me in hell. Leave away from me all about is not the God's will. Everything that offends God and separates me from Him.
Throughout your Medal give me the Grace to live in union with God,Mary, with You and the Saints and Angels during all my life.
Throughout Your Medal, Oh Most Loving Father, also pour over my home all the blessings of Your Heart so that, we can always live incomplete harmony and Peace. Oh Loving Heart of St. Joseph, thatwherever I go with the Medal of Your Heart, grant that can also gowith the Angels, the Saints of Heaven and Yourself, You may go with me always protecting me and covering me with your mantle.
Give me  by for your Medal, I always enjoy perfect health of body andsoul to serving God, the Blessed Virgin Mary with perfection in this life, can get of You, to praise tTem and also with the Angels and Saintsin heaven for all eternity.

So be it. Amém"


Hail Joseph, Elected of Grace, the Lord is with thee.

Blessed art thou amongst men

And blessed is Yours Loving Heart, OurCo-redeemer and support of Jesus and Mary.

Saint Joseph, Father of Son of God, and our Father

 Assist to us sinners ,now and at our lasthour. Amen

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